Most of the people don’t know these Right way to use a Condom.

Many people do not give attention to some Important things when they are mating. If you do not want any risk then you must use a condom. But using a condom is not enough to lower your risk of disease and pregnancy. There are many other things that people do not give attention. And today I am going to tell you about this. Most of the people don’t know these right ways to use a Condom.

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Always open the packet of Condoms with the use of Hands. Never open the packet with your teeth cause this can make a hole in your condom. Also, You can have a better experience If you just use the condoms just before mate. Do not open or use when you start your foreplay.

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Never use the Condom again after one-time use. Also, it is not an eating thing so many people do not give attention to its expiry date. You should never ignore it. always pay attention to its expiry date.

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Always buy a good quality of them. Sometimes poor quality can cause you itching sensations. Also after opening the packet, check you condom before use.

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