How to Manage Your Time Better During Exams

Preparing for exam maybe easy but executing it during the exam is far more difficult. And on many occasion due to lack of time or improper time management, the students were unable to give their 100%. So here are some of the tips that can help you manage time more efficiently.

1. Read Each and Every Question First

No matter what everyone is doing the main objective you have to keep in mind is to read each and every question first. This is important because some easy questions are presented in a twisted manner and if you don’t read it twice you may think it as some random question for which you haven’t studied. So to make sure you avoid the nightmare by reading your question paper first.

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2. Manage Your Time

Now as you read the question paper you now know how many questions you can answer perfectly and how much question needs extra time due to lack of knowledge of them.

So you have to divide time accordingly. As there will be some questions that need descriptive answers as well as some numerical. Manage your time accordingly. Start giving more time on questions that contain more marks. For example, give more time on essays than on objective type questions.

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3. Starts from What You Know

Always start with the question you are confident about. This will help you gain momentum while your mind starts working on the next one. Extra confidence will help you to write faster and you will be able to complete your paper on time.

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4. Don’t Get Nervous

The main reason not to use the full potential is getting nervous during the exam. Just remember you studied, you practiced for your exam. So there is no reason to rush or get nervous. Just stick to your plan in winning. If you feel the tension building up just stop writing for a minute, calm down and take a deep breath. Then you will be able to focus on your questions and write in the best possible way.

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