7 Harmful Effects of Skipping Breakfast! Everyone Should Know

 Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Most of the people have the habit of skipping breakfast because of their busy schedule.This habit is very common among the job goers and students. Now, we are going to see the effects of skipping breakfast.

1. Bad for your heart health

Research says that people who skips their breakfast have 27% more chance having heart attack than who don’t. The risk of causing chronic heart diseases, clogged arteries, coronary heart diseases are more common for them. It is advised to consume breakfast regularly to live a healthy life.

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2. May leads to weight gain

Nowadays, people have the craze on the slim body and skipping their breakfast to lose their weight. It is totally wrong. Research says that people who skip their breakfast have a high chance of getting obese. It makes you more hungry and induces to consume more food during lunch. So, don’t follow the habit of skipping breakfast to lose weight.

3. Less Energy

Breakfast is the foremost meal which gives you energy. If you skip the first meal of the day you will feel very lazy and the energy level goes down. It is advised to include more protein and carbohydrates in your breakfast to get energy for whole day.

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4. May leads to Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is characterized as low blood sugar levels. Skipping morning breakfast can lowers your blood sugar level and cause hypoglycemia. So, don’t skip breakfast.

5. May Cause You Hair fall

Skipping breakfast can cause hair fall. Protein is very essential for healthy hair and body. If you have the habit of skipping breakfast your body will experience protein gap. This protein gap leads to soreness, hair fall, etc. It is advised to consume breakfast for healthy hair.

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6. Type-2 Diabetes

A Research conducted by Harvard School of public health states that people who skips breakfast has 54% more chance of affecting diabetes than who don’t.

7. May affects your Brain

Skipping breakfast may reduce brain function and affects cognitive ability. Breakfast is the meal that is very important for brain health. You need to consume carbohydrate and high protein diet to improve your brain function. These are the effects of skipping breakfast.

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You need to eat a heavy meal during breakfast, mild food on lunch and very less food on dinner. This is the diet method you need to follow to live a healthy life.

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