5 Ugliest Fights In The History Of Cricket

The game of cricket is also known as gentleman’s game. But due to the aggressiveness generated on-field, sometimes even the coolest players might lose their calm. These fights are generally verbal and known as sledding.

There have been several moments where cricketers have indulged in sledding and many a time the victim player has given the right reply to the opposition through a brilliant performance.

Today we will take a look at the 5 most nasty moments in the game’s historical course.

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5) Venkatesh Prasad v/s Aamir Sohail

India – Pakistan rivalry in cricket is no less than the Ashes. The matches between the two sides are heavily attended and anticipated. A sledding incident in 1996 World Cup qualifiers left everyone infuriated when the Pakistani opener signaled the bowler to fetch the ball from the boundary after hitting a four. A fine delivery from Prasad uprooted the stumps the very next ball and he signalled Amir to go back to the pavilion. It was a fight of signs and gestures, almost no words were spoken.

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4) MS Dhoni v/s Mustafizur Rahman

This controversial incident happened during India’s not-so-good tour to Bangladesh 3 years ago. The then young Rahman was repeatedly blocking the run path for Indian batsmen. After sometime when Dhoni was trying to complete a run, Mustafizur did the same trying to block him but instead of changing his path, M.S. did not change his direction and collided with Rahman. Dhoni kept running while Rahman lost his balance and fell. Dhoni claimed it to be an accident.

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3) Bangladesh & Co. v/s Thisara Perrera

In the recently concluded Nidahas trophy, the must-win match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka ended up in dark. After the dismissal of Mustafizur, almost half of the Bangladeshi dressing room stomped in the field to argue with Perrera and umpires about the denial of a no ball. The war did not end here, after the Bangladeshi team won they again rushed to the field doing the “Nagin Dance”. The glass door of the dressing room was also found broken.

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2) Virat Kohli v/s Mitchell Johnson

Kohli is the last guy you would want to mess with. But not is the case with Mitchell Johnson. During the 2014-15 India tour to Australia, he attempted to run out him but looked as if his intention was to hit Kohli. Kohli could not take it anymore and ended up scoring the most runs for India down under.

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1) Yuvraj Singh v/ Andrew Flintoff

During the inaugural T20 in 2007, India was doing well and in the match against England, Yuvraj was ready to create a record for India. Yuvi had just come to play when he and Flintoff started a verbal brawl. But the final laugh went to Singh who absolutely smashed Stuart Broad’s next six deliveries out of the parks. What a relief!

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