5 Photoshop mess for the stars of Bollywood that will make you laugh

Photoshop is something that can turn any imaginative thing a reality. It is a tool that can help in making clear pictures adding your imaginations to it. You add some clicks here and there and then the next is the magic. It can make the chubby cheeks into the right set of Bebo pout. The tool can be called as a blessing in disguise as its tricky knowledge can help in adding the abs in your body along with adding a lady of your dreams and many more similar things. It has been used a lot in B Town as well to give something new and interesting before the audience. How about checking the 5 messes up stuff that has been created for the Bollywood stars making you smile as under:

1). Is this Rani Mukherji real or fake?

When you see the photo the first time, you would never believe it well the fact is if you look at the picture closely you will realize that she is none other than Rani Mukherji. She has been photoshopped her picture which seemed to have lost the originality and thus seen later in the Vogue magazine.

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2). Kajol turning white from being a dusky woman

She has broken a number of stereotypes as she has endorsed for the Olay Cream ad for her current skin color. Despite having her natural skin color with bit dark she appeared so white making many shell-shocked.

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3). Frieda Pinto dusky woman turning white

Another dusky woman who was seen turning white is none other than Frieda Pinto she could be called as the part 2 of Kajol. Thanks to the Photoshop that can do wonders. The lady had endorsed the L’Oreal products that made her get this avatar.

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4). Priyanka Chopra’s Spotless armpits

When this picture came on the internet it turned an instant hit becoming viral after the Maxim cover released the cover page picture with clear armpits. They seemed so natural that we wonder if the photo editor has been a big fan of Pee Cee. 

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5). Katrina Kaif – Barbie Doll in India

As you check the poster of the film with Saif Ali Khan in it, the lady is seen no less than a Barbie Doll in the B Town. Well, it is nothing but Photoshop that can add any magic.

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