5 Facts About IPL That Will Blow Your Mind

As this year’s IPL season is just around the corner, nobody can resist talking about it. The buzz is on and fans of different teams have locked horns against each other in debates regarding the league’s outcome. This is the time when every family sits down and enjoys.

Though most of the Indians have been following the tournament for a while, there are some facts you may not know. So today we will be listing the hidden and unknown facts about the Indian Premier League.

5) Average Salary

The league boasts of big payments and it is quite true. The current average salary of a player is $4 million, which is highest for any sports league with such format.

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4) IPL Not the First

Before IPL was held for the first time in2008, there was a T20 League known as Indian Cricket League which was already present. The problem with the latter was that BCCI did not recognize it and declared it a rebel league and banned every player associated with it which included Mr. Kapil Dev too.

Lalit Modi, the mastermind behind IPL, stated that IPL was not a copy of ICL and that the plan was hatched 2 years before hosting it.

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3) IPL 2018 may be the First to have all Indian Captains

Until now, every year we say at least one foreign captain leading one of the sides. This year, due to the ongoing drama of Sandpapergate scandal, David Warner and Steve Smith will not lead the respective sides. While Ajinkya Rahane has already replaced Smith in Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers Hyderabad are yet to name the new captain. If its an Indian player, this year would be the first to be having all Indian Captains.

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2) The Richest

IPL is the richest of all leagues in the world. BCCI revealed that the league contributes a huge amount to the country’s GDP. A total of $11.8 billion was reportedly earned via IPL. The reason behind IPL being so rich is BCCI’s reach, audience, and sponsors. Star Sports had to pay more than 16000 crores in rupees to gain telecast rights.

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1) Highest Audience

The IPL is the highest attendance gaining cricketing event in the entire world. The packed stadiums are worth watching. IPL continues to break the attendance records with every coming season. The league is numbered sixth in the list of most attended sports events after the likes of leagues like English Premier League, La Liga, etc.

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