10 Best Must Have Android Apps to Use in 2018

The number of apps releasing in-app store is huge and deciding the best one is really time-consuming for the users. But not to worry.

Here’s the List of Must have Apps in 2018

1. Nova Launcher

One of the best launcher you can ever have. It is simple, lightweight and comes with a lot of customization. So if you are looking to get a beautiful design for your smartphone without compromising your mobile speed, this is the best choice.

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2. Evernote

This is multi-platform notes taking app and if you need to write on the go this app comes in handy. It syncs with every device and has a web-based interface too. An essential app for everyone using smartphone.

3. Feedly

It neatly organizes information ranging from Blogs, YouTube, Magazine, and from 40M other channels. It is a RSS integration and can even integrate with social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. This is one of the best for productivity and many people uses this to stay ahead of everyone else.

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4. LastPass

Password management app that can sync with all your devices so you don’t need to remember each and every password. It has the ability of auto-logins depending on your settings and can even generate strong password. Just remember one password to manage all of your password.

5. Podcast Republic

While there is a podcast app for iOS devices, no one think of it embedding in android too. But you use apps like Podcast republic to listen to podcast from all channel, even the podcasts available for iTunes. Must have app if you love listening to Podcasts.

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6. Tiny Scanner

A simple scanner app that can scan any documents and can save them as Image or PDF. It can even protect the scanned document with passcode.

7. Grammarly Keyboard

If you are using your smartphone to do professional work where you have to take precautions in sentence and avoid grammatical error then Grammarly keyboard is the best you can have. It simply suggest the correct grammar and finds the spelling mistakes if any. So for error-proof writing, you can use Grammarly Keyboard.

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8. SwiftKey

Best alternative to Gboard (Google Keyboard) and comes with many features such as SwiftKey Flow, multiple language support, cross-device syncing of your library and much more. Comes with free and paid themes to customize the keyboard according to your mood.

9. Google Opinion Rewards

Get reward from Google for completing some short surveys. The surveys are really small and you will get paid. Use this rewards for purchasing paid apps from Play store.

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10. Pocket

Let you save articles, videos or any blog that you can read later. It sync across all the devices. A perfect app to save some important pages while surfing online so that you can always read it later.

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